Participation Process
Step 1: Qualification Self-Examination
The Organizers only accept booth application from the legally registered companies / business organizations / other products agents.
he exhibitors are required to submit a copy of the business license and a copy of the trademark registration certificate affixed with official seal while submitting the Booth Application Form.
Step 2: Completion of "Booth Application Form"
Download Application
It is required to carefully fill in the Booth Application Form, and send it affixed with signatures and seals back to the Organizers.
tep 3: Booth Confirmation and Payment
Upon the confirmation of qualification and the receipt of the payment notice, it is deemed to reserve a booth. Upon the receipt of "Booth Confirmation" after the booth fee is paid in full, it is deemed to be entitled to participate in the exhibition.
Step 4: Submission of Booth Decoration Programs
It is required to submit the booth decoration programs that are in line with the requirements according to the safety management regulations of the Organizers.
Step 5: Exhibition Preparation
Step 6: Exhibition Presentation
Step 7: Exhibition Closure